1.1. Do not needlessly kill ban appeal

  1. Byond Account: Commander7
  2. Character Name: Kylee Wardle
  3. Discord Name: FriedSpuds#7500
  4. Round ID of Ban: 24028
  5. Ban Message:
  6. State your appeal: I was unaware of this rule that you cannot kill non targets as I had bombed medbay killing several crewmembers and was not punished… also sorry for the complaining… its instinct to kill as an antag, so I obviously complained about not being able too as it is considered normal for a murderer to murder (Im don’t feel confident about this…)

This ban is correct based on the infraction and your recent ban history (and actually should have been a perma ban when you got a 3 day in December), so this will not be reviewed until 6 months have passed since the date the ban was placed. This is denied.