[11513] Traitor kills us just for a revenge

Byond Account: Ugandalorian

Character Name(s): Quiet Quartz

Discord Name:

Round ID:11513

Griefer Byond account: Jenkins27

Griefer Byond name: Burns-Alive-Alot

What happened: As a traitor he had an objective to stop Shy [the mime] from escaping alive. He killed her and wanted to MMI her but Mime Squad and great clown Guillaume Honk Prata were trying to save her body. We managed to get her body on a shuttle and lock Burns in medical storage room. I, Chiemi and Guil (but only his body, his soul was busy) went to tp room, in the meantime we also met Angela Ness. In the gateway room Burns showed up (before end of the round) and just killed us all. He attacked first. We didn’t even try to punch him prior to that. He wasn’t even trying to get into tp room and by that into the shuttle and that was his goal.

You tried to save his target, so killing you further helped his goals

Not really, his target wasn’t with me, his target was on the shuttle, his goal was to prevent them from escaping and escape themselves. He didn’t even try to teleport. He went straight to killing. At that point we were not near Shy and that guy just wanted a revenge.

I’ve looked into this and to me it seems that you and the others were being ‘Good Samaritans’, trying to get between Burns and their objectives. Your squad shoved him a lot when he was trying to take Shy’s body away, critted him twice and later on locked him in a room, causing him to miss the shuttle. Antag policy 1.1 allows for killing ‘good samaritans’ thus what he did was valid. He did warn Angela against getting involved in the fight yet they did anyway thus he killed them too.