[11718] Zargothrax

Byond Account: Likteer

Character Name(s): Likteer

Discord Name: Likteer#4031

Round ID: 11718

Griefer Byond name: Zargothrax

What happened:

Zargothrax, a mime wearing an outfit that screams “I’m a greytider!” notices I am having some lag while riding my ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle).
He proceeds to chase me down through multiple hallways, waiting for me to turn or have a lagspike. That inevitably happens, could not even extract the key.

Unbuckles me, shoves me, rides away & covers himself with a potted plant.
HelioStation is the worst map layout on which that could happen.
Security is busy dealing with something serious, captain offers me a telescopic baton, which was appreciated, despite my continous, lesser connection issues.

Each time I’ve managed to see the guy, he rides away in another direction, not uttering a word & spamming invisible walls. My tickets are ignored (there were 2 moderators online, probably dealing with other ahelps, can’t blame you folks).

I know this may seem laughable to some, but that probably means you never had your ATV stolen. It took extra effort & luck to roll a civilian bounty station engineers can do, then have my private order delivered (and not bugged out, which can happen).

Though this isn’t something I would encourage players to do, it is an IC issue. It should be dealt with inside of the round rather than by moderators.