[11900] Bloodbath in medbay

Byond account: Ugandalorian
Character name: Crystal Margaret
Round ID: 11900
Discord name:
Griefer Name: Morgan James
Griefer Byond account: Unknown to me

Morgan was in medbay while I was doing a surgery. When I defibbed my patient Morgan grabbed a circular saw and attacked Bananyium LXIX. I unbuckled myself to do something with that poor plasmaman situation but before I could act Morgan attacked me, sawing my head. I panicked, thought I have my scalpel in my hand so I “attacked” them (it was a hug)… poor decision. After that I run away from them, healed myself and took my saw to attack that person. Meanwhile Morgan decided to attack Larry Craigory and Jamarion Mcfall. We managed to take them down. Don’t know what happened next.

hello, sorry for the late reply, will investigate shortly.

the issue has been dealt with, thank you for the report!

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