[13072/13071] Greytider abuses the fact that there are no admins on to act as a shitter

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home
Discord Name: Greg 2
Round ID: 13072 and 13071
Griefer Byond account: -
Griefer Byond name: Jack Milton
What happened: Both rounds he spams metal foam grenades to block security access, some players say he did it in previous rounds as well but as I was not there I could not confirm

during round 13072 he uses telekinesis to assault HoS and warden during the trial from places where he can not be seen, when caught and sent to perma on multiple charges ranging from shittery to assault he tries to kill the warden the moment he comes in later to check up on him. After being executed he comes back due to revival implant and once again, murders the warden. We kill him and de-brain because everyone is sick of his shit

He has been abusing no admin hours to grief and kill people as a non antag.

Dealt with! Thanks for the report