[13598] HoS Suicides at round start and mind shielded curator welderbombs sec

Byond Account: Aether
Character Name(s): Robert Home
Discord Name: Greg2
Round ID: 13598
Griefer 1 Byond account: Hasco
Griefer 1 Byond name: Phoenix Wright
What happened: Shift start I salute sec on radio as it is nice to do "hello officers and hos", HoS Phoenix Wright responds and everything is normal but after I check crew monitor and tell him it's just us in sec he announces on sec and station radio goodbye and commits suicide in his room, this being shiftstart. Command seemed just as surprised which makes me belief that he did not announce them and I doubt he ahelped it either. If that is the case this breaks the role expectations of command of permanently leaving the game and this could've costed us the round as it was revs.

Griefer 2 Byond account: -
Griefer 2 Byond name: Fernando Pinney
What happened: It was revs so me and captain and some officer go to secure cargo, we see curator fernando pinney break out of cargo by breaking things so we mind shield them, they were not a rev or revhead and the MS worked. A bit later they return with a welder and welderbomb an acting hos, an officer and some bystanders while still being mindshielded. This one is blatant grief.

Handled the first part, will handle the second part when I wake up unless someone else beats me to it.

Edit: Both cases have been handled, thanks for your report!