[13713] Asimov AI shocks all the doors they can to harm cultists

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robbie(AI)
Discord Name: Greg2
Round ID: 13713
Griefer Byond account: Vers686
Griefer Byond name: Cell
What happened: 

Later into the cult round Cell, the 2nd AI is made and their laws are Asimov

After that I notice that doors keep getting electrified and bolted which is harming cultists so I keep doing it while trying to figure it out. Eventually I find the 2nd AI and try to get them to stop and follow the lawset, no words. I give up thinking they had a law change but after checking at round end they were on asimov

Tl;dr: Asimov AI bolts cultists in and shocks them, combined with other sabotage like disabling tcomms and probably more that I missed

Dealt with, thanks for the report!