15045 - Greytiding Non-antag MD

Byond Account: SpaceDragon00
Character Name(s): Beatrice Izaliz
Discord Name: Beatrice
Round ID: 15045
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Eric Flynn
What happened: 

I had just brought the DNA vault into engi. After ensuring a cargo tech I knew how to set up a DNA vault, a medical doctor, Eric Flynn, bolted through the door while it was open. I assumed it was an intern making an accident so I didnt pay them much mind, only for them to rush past me again as I tried to get to the techfab. Frustrated by the greytiding, I multitooled the bolts down and told them I’d let them out if they apologized. They relented, which started a long chain of events of them trying to deconstruct various things to try and escape as I thwarted their attempts. I kept reminding them of the conditions of their release, but they assured me they would not apologize. This went on for a while because it was basically a 3 AM Greenshift were it not for Zed being robust

I was a bit surprised to see them pull out a pair of real insulated gloves out of nowhere. They could have gotten them legitimately, but I had seen 2 deconstructed walls earlier in the round, one into tech storage and one leading straight to insuls, so I attributed this to the culprit before me.

Amidst our duel they proceeded to try and empty the ore silo through the techfab (Im still not entirely sure why), break multiple engineering machines, including the techfab, and also try and bomb me and the techfab by placing plasteel in the microwave. I tried to get sec to come to engineering but they ignored my multiple requests for help.

They eventually got out by printing an RCD and deconstructing themselves into the SM airlock (Which MDs also have access to on metastation… for some reason). Assuming there would be resistance given they didn’t seem to have qualms with bombing me, I attacked them, only to stop when they didn’t return the favor. At this point I was just baffled as they dumped themselves into disposals. I checked their inventory when I died, but the only strange things they had on them were the things they stole from engineering. Just to be sure, I waited until the round end report to make sure they werent an antagonist, which they werent.

Dealt with, thanks for the report!