2 Week Ban Appeal

Byond Account: SSD Port
Character Name(s): Courier Six
Discord Name (ie: Detective Bear#1216):
Round ID of Ban: 13224
Ban Message https://imgur.com/uwZK981:
State your appeal: I want to be appealed because this was not in the hallways but rather in med bay where a guy was beating the shit out of another guy so I helped him because earlier the guy being hit died and I healed him and he then told me that a mime killed him. So not wanting him to be killed again I helped him kill the mime which the admin then told me it was an “execution” when in reality the circular saw is just a really good weapon. BTW he stated it was properly escalated which makes 0 fucking sense because the meaning of escalated is “become or cause to become more intense or serious.” It did not deescalate if that’s what he was implying. Sorry for aggressive language I’m just really pissed for being banned for helping a crewmate.

Courier Six

It became an execution when you debrained and attempted to borg them instead of taking them to medbay.

Man I’m sad I had to waste my time to check these logs, sometimes in life I want to extend bans because some people are so dumb on their appeals.

[2021-03-11 02:40:26.929] SAY: SSD Port/(Courier Six) “ima borg him” (Medbay Lobby (180,138,2))
[2021-03-11 02:41:19.958] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: SSD Port/(Courier Six)->Horatio22/(Mothague Joyce): Was gonna borg him because he killed and attacked another guy

A random shouldn’t execute and borg people. Seriously, go read the server rules for fucks sake.