2023-01-09 21:36:54 | fulpstation | Round 24019 | Tetracor

Byond Account:Atomicwoody
Character Name(s):Lorde Owar
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):nope
Round ID of Ban:24019 (note actions from round 24017)

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Changeling, Cultist, Heretic, Hivemind Host, Malf AI, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndicate Mutineer, Revolutionary, Revenant, Head Revolutionary, Sentient Disease, Spider, Syndicate, Traitor, Wizard, Bloodsucker, Monster Hunter, Infiltrator for 3 days - 24017 Rules broken: antag 1.1 blew up the evac shuttle with a syndie bomb “to kill my target” destroying the shuttle and killing many. has over 2000 hours to know better
State your appeal:
I was killing in service of my goal. “round removal” can’t really apply to anyone caught in the blast; as the bomb was quite visible and in the open, beeping loudly, and with 90 seconds to attempt disarm by anyone caught in it. There were 3 areas of the shuttle outside the blast range anyone could have retreated to, including medical.
-In the next round a-help I asked bout the complete antag ban, “you had plenty of time before shuttle” was given as their reasoning.
-Command called escape when station was livable, objective (DNA) only half done, and centcom said nothing about that. (with an active admin) What WAS another 35-40 mins to hunt targets became a time crunch. An Unnecessary time crunch.

-Ban cites antag 1.1 Pretty sure my Tot flavor text said noting about minimizing casualties, And my target by the time I located them (and failed to poison them) was surrounded by witnesses. 1.2 directly applies here, and even then all casualties had the chance to RUN with the 90 seconds of beeping. 1.4 also applies. Directly in service of objective alpha.

being banned from Tot specificly for 3 days I wouldn’t bother appealing. being banned from EVERYTHING. That’s a bit exessive, especially when 1.2 and 1.4 applies AFAICT.

There are strict rules on who you are allowed to kill in furtherance of your objectives (and even a guide at the bottom of the rules), and using explosives in populated areas is explicitly prohibited. This ban is correct and the appeal is denied.

For the record, flagging this because you disagreed with the decision isn’t going to change it. If you look at all of the other ban appeals, you’ll notice they are also closed immediately after a decision is made. Ban appeals aren’t the place to argue the rules; they are the place to appeal bans. This isn’t a dialogue. Anyway since you feel entitled to more than a "no this is against the rules:

The limits of this are clearly outlined in antag 1.2. Go read it if there is any confusion.

There’s nothing in the rules that states that this is an exception to the policy. Your personal opinion of whether it should count isn’t relevant.

There are no exceptions for running out of time in the rules. Command isn’t required to work on (let alone complete) the station goal. It’s completely optional.

Flavor text doesn’t supersede the rules, and you’ve been here way too long to claim to not know this.



Not relevant.

Not within the parameters of the previously mentioned rules on which your ban is based.

No. The ban is correctly placed. If you want to play antag, play by the rules.

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