22tanks Ban Appeal

  • Byond Account: 22tanks
  • Character Name(s): Furuta Nijimura
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): The One Eyed King#0385
  • Round ID of Ban: 9862
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal: I do not believe that I was justly banned. In this situation, another Geneticist and I had been working on unlocking new genes and the other geneticist had been disruptive to the work environment on multiple occassions, examples being: Pushing around other geneticists, Using other geneticists consoles without permission, breaking tables, etc. In response we knocked him over and tried to drag him outside so he wouldnt disrupt our work anymore. Which is when he had gotten violent. A fight ensued where I was beaten into a near critical state and the other geneticist barely managed to stun him long enough for us to both put him down and kill him so that we are not both murdered. After which a monkey came in and took the other geneticists body and ran away with it. Shortly after I was messaged and banned by staff even though I was only acting in self defense, my ban states that it was malicious, even though I had only intended to make sure the other geneticist and I survived. On another note with arguing with the staff, I only argued in defense of myself because I did not want to be punished unjustly, which he had apparently taken as me being aggressive, hence why it is on my ban message. I do not think that it is fair for someone to be banned when trying to defend themselves from an attacker, let’s be honest here, in real life, if someone were to point a gun at you and you managed to get the upper hand, would you not play it safe and make sure they cant hurt you anymore? Exactly. My point is that self defense is something that is widely acknowledged as acceptable in real life, if you kill a robber in your house then you won’t be tried for any crimes as it is seen as self defense, this seems to be as an even more extreme case as I was actually attacked with the intent to kill. That being all said, I do believe I should be unbanned and a change of policy should be made regarding self defense in game.

While it does sound like that guy was a dirtbag, I don’t know if this was the best analogy to use as it was his house/dept also, same as you. Can’t really classify them as a robber in your private property when it was their property also.

Take it for some one that has over 100h as RD. You should have told the RD, and he/she/it would baton, and then demote them. If the RD wasn’t around then try to get some member of command to help you with this asshole.

Even then this ban is still bull shit, because it still was self defence. But I’v been banned for two days flashing two chemist. So I could be worse.

Denied the ban is very fair you can’t just kill people because you don’t feel like sec does a good enough job. This is there health after the fight (Renie Werner) (NEWHP: -125.2) (Genetics Lab (194,121,2)) Then you drug their body off into maint you didn’t plan to or try to revive them at all.

  • [2020-09-22 21:31:04.734] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Tom F Hardy/(Jamie Richards)->22tanks/(Furuta Nijimura): You go to security and tell them about it, instead of just taking things into your own hands. Also, you beat them to -110 health, that's way past crit.

  • ADMINPRIVATE: PM: 22tanks/(Furuta Nijimura)->Tom F Hardy/(Jamie Richards): I mean, we didnt intend for them to live, not to mention security is never reliable about that stuff, I have been murdered before after telling them about someone attacking me. I can't trust a service that doesn't even work the way it should, there is a reason people call them shitsec