3 Day Ban Appeal, Biff Buttcus

Byond Account: Biff Buttcus

Character Name(s): Salvatore Salisbury

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): biffbuttcus#8005

Round ID of Ban: 13211

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
“You have been banned by Horatio22 from the server.
Reason: Core 4-
Used a racial slur round 13211”

State your appeal: I said “ligger”. I was told not to say that. I said fine. Then I got banned. I don’t understand how that is a racial slur or why it’s a big deal and I got a three day ban for it. If it’s a problem fine I won’t say it but I don’t understand why and why I deserve a 3 day ban for it.

we don’t allow any varient of the nword even if you subsititute a single letter for L

Okay but I didn’t know this.

Cuase like my rationale is I didn’t know and so I get told not to say it and I agree and I still get banned anyway.

You have 200 hours on the server and haven’t read the rules that have been in place for almost a year now?

You have been banned way too many times to use the “Please I didn’t know adimins!!” card, you should have read the server rules by now and if you didn’t, it’s your problem.