3 day ban for chaplain violence

Byond Account: Tomatotopants
Character Name(s): Brody something (i cant remember the last name for the life of me)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Tomatosauce#0180
Round ID of Ban: 14084
Ban Message: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal:
Ill state the most important thing first, I didnt purposefully ignore the Ahelps, i didnt see them, but it was because i had the bright idea to leave the game on while i went to take a nap or something cuz i was a ghost and thought i didnt do anything wrong, but it was my fault for leaving the game open, making it look like i was there, i apologize for that.
To give a little background on the guy i was a chaplain with, he liked to be VERY obnoxious, he would yell profanity at me every chance he got (even before i did anything to give him a reason to), and would stash items away and not use em, i can understand tools and the such but he would stash the beacon, and when i told him to use it he just told me to fuck off, i though he was new and didnt understand stuff and was just angry, so i tried to explain it to him the first round i played with him, he actually attacked me just for talking about it but that time i backed off, the next round (the ban one), i decided to take the beacon myself cause he wasnt gonna use it, i got the vendor and took it, but he started pushing me and stole it, and when i confronted him about it he attacked me,with multiple blows, which is when i ended up critting him, but i took him to medbay and just took what he stole back, and for harrassment, he wasnt doing his job, he wouldnt pick a sect and i just pda messaged him to do it and he kept just being an ass back, when he was at the chaple after that he wouldnt even tolerate me being there and would push me around every chance he got. I apologize for anything i did wrong in this situation, and i know its only a 3 day ban but i have a lot of stuff going on and would like to get back in as soon as i can.

It’s been over 100 hours of playtime since your last note, and it checks out that the response came in after you had died and at the tail end of a round after the original ticket you opened was unanswered for about 50 minutes. I’ve also never seen this be an issue with you any other time I’ve seen a mod message you, so I trust that this was a case of you actually being AFK. Since you don’t have the note history to support a ban without you intentionally ignoring ahelps, I’ll be appealing this since, looking at the logs, it was originally escalated correctly, the other party was taken to medbay and healed after by Rick Hick.

I will ask that, if you suspect metagrudging, that you let admins know instead of trying to handle it IC but in a way that breaks server rules.