3 day ban for having nightmare organs for 1 minute as the HOS

Byond Account:Thekillerchef
Character Name(s): Chadwick Nelson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): John Porq#0739
Round ID of Ban:26312

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://i.imgur.com/6bf6fq5.png
State your appeal: The reason i see this as kinda unfair is because the first note on using the meson scanners, was of course powergaming, but i tried to explain to the mod that even tho i had them on i hadnt actually found anything with them so they didnt ruin other players experiences but i understand the note. Then the ban. The mod/admin tells me that having nightmare organs is powergaming (even tho i see people using them literally everytime a nightmare gets killed) and i was understanding, and the admin tells me to get it removed, so i go and get them removed (i had them in me for literally 3 minutes max and the only thing i used them on was carps breaking into security) but in the process of getting them removed i get a 3 day ban. (another thing is that so many people were helping me get the organs and people were calling dibs on them on the radio so it really seemed like it was allowed.)

i just see this as kinda unfair since both times i stopped before the items actually got used to degrade peoples experience and i had no clue getting nightmare organs was powergaming since it happens literally all the time. in conclusion i just hope it can get shortened because it did no harm whatsoever to anyone on the server all i did was have these items on me.

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This was the round you had found bloodsuckers in maint.

If you see someone breaking the rules ahelp or file a grief patrol.

Command is held with a higher level of responsibility esp when its the head of security to know that crew cannot have contraband and nether should you.

the issue is you doing the action of power gaming now that you didn’t get to power game that long.