567Turtle ban appeal

Byond Account: 567Turtle

Character Name(s): Unspeakable hroror

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Turtle#3659

Round ID of Ban: 21938

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Rules Broken: Admin 0 Reason: Kept opening tickets when you didn’t agree that your ticket was IC. If you don’t want to be round removed by the chefs, stop being a shitter in the department in the middle of a revolution.

State your appeal: On the fateful round I had been enjoying my time as a Mime, when I got the wise idea to head to HoP and regally request to be promoted to the fabled “Mimetective”, and after a bit of convincing the HoP, Captain and HoS the promotion was granted and I was issued a stun baton and a disabler, to help with my detecting. I was roaming the halls looking out for any suspicious activity when I happened to the eye the Clown shoving around some guy, so I stunned the clown and I stole his mask, a harmless prank against my natural rival, I then proceeded to flee the scene and arrive at the kitchen, after attempting to gesture to my best capability, I scaled the counter and stole 15 units of flour, intending to make a burger bun to make a delectable dish out of the clowns mask. Moving over to the sink I began to craft the ingredients necessary to make this delectable dish, when the chefs moved in on me and robusted me to death with their unmatched CQC skills, stripping my corpse and placing it into the gibber, round removing me. At the time I was unaware to the fact that there was a revolution underway, both of the chefs being revolutionaries, so from my point of view I had commited a minor act of BNE and stolen a miniscule amount of cooking ingredient, and been met with round removal. Greatly upset at this event going underway I ahelped and explained the situation, and without so much of an explanation as to why the admin who took the ticket closed it as an IC reason, confused and baffled, I ahelped again asking as to why and he responded telling me to stop being a shitter for stealing the clowns mask, I then responded to the admins message, making a case for myself as to why I believed my acts were… A little bit shittery, but not to the grounds of round removal, to which he then responded by banning me with the above message.

tl;dr I was not aware there was a revolution. All I knew was that two chefs gibbed me for a minor amount of shittery. Was reasonably angered when my ticket was marked as IC without an explanation as to why they were allowed to round remove me without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Opening additional tickets after one has been marked as IC is explicitly against server rules. You not being aware of this is why you should get familiar with server rules before joining. Additionally, you also admitted to breaking core 1 MRP standards and security 4.1 on not abusing crew in this appeal, so this is denied.

Side note but in the future, please skip the dramatic retelling. Just get straight to the point with appeals and patrols. It just makes them a headache to read.