Acting traitor RD is dusted by group of validhunters + security

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Mental Patient (Holopara)
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:25569
Griefer IC name: Multiple people, unsure who was security and who was not since i joined late. I will list every name i can see in the log here. Xin Ming(probably security), Caitlyn Carr, Promethus, Victim-of-Nepotism(paramedic), James Igdine, Unknown person with a revolver(probably the detective), Lia Starr
Griefer Byond account (if known):don’t know

What happened: I joined as a holopara since nobody seemed to want to take it, when killing my host’s target my host let Lia starr get away, after which my host dragged the dead target into xenobio maint, a group of 6-7 or so people appeared to put an end to them, 3 of which where not security. I didn’t get the names of the people in the chaos, I’m not entirely sure which names are security and who isn’t, but I’m positive most of the people who went into maint to hunt where not security. I’m sorry that I can’t provide more accurate information since it was very chaotic, seemed like a case of valid hunting regarding the non-security members that where involved. There may have been more people than I could find in the logs. Thanks for reading.

looking into

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this has been dealt with- thanks for the report, also for the record, security is allowed to lethal antags who cannot be contained easily, like heretics or traitors with holoparasites.

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