Admin abuse and ignore

Byond account: Crazy 7878
character name: Coldsteel Edge
Discord name: Crazy#7612
Round ID: 9846
Griefer Byond account: dont know
Griefer Byond name: Bilbo Stabbins
What Happen:
Bilbo Stabbins she was testing particle acceleration rifle on me it was almost green light. that could kill me so i decided to run straight to her and kill her a self deffence and mech named HoP’s Bodyguard Mech attacked me i asked them to stop and told that mech that she attacked me first they ignore it. and then admin Horatio22 she said. Don’t greytide/ killbait if you don’t want to be killed. and admin ahelp was rejected everysingle time i’m trying to explain what happen she doing the same thing and ignore me and end up that i’m abusing admin. the time i attacked detective i got shot immediatly thats proof how she started point at me with particle acceleration rifle.

I handled this in-round. Filing a grief report for something that was dealt with is admin shopping and is against the rules. If you have an issue with a ruling, file a staff report. Closing this.