Admin Abuse? (not sure where to put this lol)

Byond Account: fearchan
Character Name(s): James Allen
Discord Name:
Round ID: 20641

Date: 06/09/2022
Griefer IC name: N/A
Griefer Byond account (if known): Tom F. Hardy (admin)

What happened: I spawned in bar on Selene Map as a bartender, but for some reason the door wasn’t opening for me. I initially thought it was a bug, so I pinged the admin about it/if I could do anything to fix it. I didn’t hear a response, so I asked again.

While this was going on, my partner was handing out drinks. The character I play as, James, is a space-British prick, having learned from the very best bartenders before him. He’s quite abrasive in the beginning of the shift, but usually softens towards the folks around him.

I said to my partner, “We don’t do free drinks, mate. Tryna earn some money,” and when they insisted that no one would grab drinks from the table for free, I responded “You’re obviously a newbie here mate”, and “Just set the drink on the table over there”.

A couple seconds later, I am gibbed. I ask the admins if I was gibbed for pinging about the door issue (I thought maybe it was an in-character thing and they were gibbing me for pinging about an issue twice), and when I asked, Tom F. Hardy replied to “I gibbed you because you were being an ass to a new character.” I responded, “The character I roleplay is an asshole”, and they replied “well I play as a God who gibs assholes” and closed the ticket.

Anyway I just wanted to bring it up. Because other players/characters have been assholes to me in and out of roleplay, and I’m expected to go on my way. I guess I’m just confused, since I’ve never seen this happen to anyone else, and I’m curious about how much roleplay is allowed. I roleplay as a character who is an asshole because it is more realistic to me; in real life, your coworkers are often assholes.


If you would like to file a staff report, you may do so here: Staff Report

thanks man, will move it

Yeah Tenebris is right, please fill out a staff report.

“My character is an asshole” is shitty RP on a new player friendly server. No one wants to RP with someone who is an asshole. You already have a watch list for toxicity; don’t dish out what you can’t take.