Advisorman Appeal from the Horatio22 guy (serious appeal)

Byond Account: Advisorman

Round ID: 11462

Character Name: Santi Ago

Admin Who Banned: @Horatio22

Ban Message: Antag 1.1: Lit Crewmates on fire with a flamethrower in attempt to gain the CE’s attention to their department, during a rev round (as a rev) 1 week ban.|

Appeal Reason: Alright, I want to admit that I have a very long history of… griefing to put it. I kind of don’t deserve this ban, because how will I know every rule in the rulebook of fulp, its not easy to remember 10 different sections, and instead you could have cited a rule I broke or atleast added ‘read (section of rule) for further (anything) advice’ I didn’t even choose to be a rev and I have my antag settings off, thats why I don’t like playing antag, I’m a horrible antagonist.

The only antag rounds that are enjoyable are abductors, thats the only one I have enabled, and revs are forced antag roles and I think to myself ‘Is it right to set other crewmates on fire and alert the CE to come to their position?’ which I did light 1 person on fire, my own rev buddy hit me for ‘fucking with his department’ to add it (Jack).

This account is sitting on a perma following a grief patrol for anti-semitism, for whoever ends up dealing with this

Considering your other ban right now, I am denying this. I suggest you take a break from the game and make an appeal for your permanent ban in a month or so.