Ai is given new laws. Ai follows said laws. Ai bad?

Byond Account:Papersmiles
Character Name(s):Bishop
Discord Name: Nikki#3172
Round ID:24455
Griefer IC name: Charlie WX, Casey Jothman
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Close to the roundstart, acting cap HOS Charlie WX changes the ai’s laws to asimov++. Later, when the ai and its borgs try to prevent the cremation of an executed traitor in order to prevent human harm, HOS and captain decide ai must die for trying to prevent human harm.

Which they later kill in the ai sat.
HOS doesn’t like the AIs laws that he gave, kills the ai instead of asking cap to replace laws. Captain, for some godforsaken reason, goes along. I don’t feel like keeping this up any longer and let them into my sat to kill me, according to laws.

It seems some people think their experience of the run trumps any other player’s experience and feel entitled to roundremove others when there are easily accessible alternatives (i.e. Change laws of an AI) to getting their desired results.

Minimal cause-effect comprehension on the part of the HOS

Looking into, in the future please ahelp this stuff when it happens as i remember being active in this round

Dealt with thanks