AI Laws Updated to Cause Harm on a "Do Not Cause Harm" Lawset

Byond Account: tramz
Character Name(s): Cygnus XZ
Discord Name: tramz#9493
Round ID: 22346
Date: 9/24/22
Griefer IC name: Sentient Slime Controled AI, unknown person who changed laws
Griefer Byond account (if known): JustAHoneySlime, unknown who changed laws

What happened: As command, was struggling to defend bridge while reviving the deceased captain. A borg (who appeared to be the AI in a borg shell) requested that we change its laws so that the borgs could attack people, in this instance they wanted to go after a wizard (played by KheVy). At some point in time, an unknown person updated AI’s laws to allow them to harm, despite the fact the first law for all borgs (none in the room were AI-less as the round end report indicates) was to do no harm. KheVy asked me at the end of the round why the borgs were attacking, and after some brief communication we came to the conclusion to make a report.

Apologies if my details are hazy, but I think the logs will probably speak for themselves.

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handled! thanks for the report