AI or borg shocking doors, hacking doors, causing doors/firelocks to crush people entire shift

Byond Account: Raconitrus
Character Name(s): Cory Ludwig
Discord Name: Runi#3108
Round ID: 24528
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Unknown

What happened:
For almost the entirety of this 82 minute shift, either AI or some borg was very persistently messing with doors throughout the station and especially medbay. Multiple people were shocked, the HoP was killed from an electrocuted door, and a number of people were crushed repeatedly by doors and firelocks. At roundstart four different medibots in medbay went bad but no traitor on roundend screen had an emag and AI refused any blame even after roundend and blamed a supposed second AI or rogue borg in a closet. The roundend screen shows one normal AI and all borgs synced, so it seems like someone must have been griefing.

this has been dealt with. Thanks for the report!

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