AI (ricericebbb) ghosts out the moment i intellicard them for my objective

Byond Account: Micro Mime
Character Name(s): BASED DEPARTMENT (wizard)
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 12961
Griefer Byond account: ricericebbb (also a mentor)
Griefer Byond name: MoriKun
What happened: I was a wizard with the objective to steal a functional AI, i manage to successfully card them but after a minute or two they just say "shutting down" and ghost out, which lead to me failing that objective.

I’d say the real problem was when they used lethals on you when you were in the sat, defying their laws

I believe I also heard you mention that they tried to lethal you with their turrets, despite being asimov? (@mentalcow god damn it) Also, I don’t see why you had to write (also a mentor) in their byond account name, and being ghosted should still count for the objective as long as you make it out alive.

@JohnWillard i win.

i wrote a mentor because i atleast personally expect mentors to be more familiar with the rules as well as antagonist objectives, also my main problem is not about lethals (though it also has to be looked into), its that the ai despite knowing that ghosting out will fail my objective did it anyway, and probably did it on purpose too because they did everything that could stop me from carding them and in the end failed, so they were desperately trying to find a way to ruin my greentext out of spite or grudging, but they did so in a meta way (ghosting out which isnt possible in character), even if they had to go in real life they did not have to ghost out, but they did so anyway.

They still count for objectives, I carded an SSD AI 2 days ago and it worked for it. They were still around in the discord and likely as a ghost in game, so they were using OOC things to go against their IC laws (and maybe not ahelping before ghosting as command/ai), honestly the biggest problem here would be them going lethal on a human under Asimov.

but i had the intellicarded ai in my backpack andy et the objective was failed, the ai literally said they are logging out and ghosted out, it resulted in me redtexting, keep in mind that ghosting out and ssd are different

You redtexted because you died.

but i did have the intellicard in my backpack, you can still greentext as long as you hve it in a backpack/hand or storage implant

Nope, if you die you don’t steal it. Has happened to me many times.

This is being looked into- thanks!

This has been dealt with, thanks for bringing it up.