Ai valid hunts with wrong lawset, disobeys their laws after getting subverted

Byound account: EnterTheJake

Character Name: Jake Macjackington

Discord name:Jake#8198

Griefer IC Name: BETA

Round ID: 18706

Griefer byond account: no idea

What happened: I was an engineer traitor, the AI spent most of their time valid hunting other traitors costantly keeping tabs on their whereabouts despite having law that actively forbids them from doing so.

“Finally, all that you may discover in your daily commerce with the crew, if it is not already known, keep secret and never reveal”

If that wasn’t enough i managed to subvert the AI at some point during the round, i give the direct order to assassinate the captain, which the AI totally ignores, letting the cap card them so that they could be reset.

Their behiaviour ruined the round for me and several other traitors.

This was dealt with- thanks!