Airheadsss Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Airheadsss
Character Name(s): I don’t remember because it was a random gen name but it started with Dr.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Airheadsss#1117
Round ID of Ban: 13042
Ban Message: Screenshot - 9f65eac2e95e0a97f83a7fca60f872fe - Gyazo
State your appeal:

I am aware that what I did was wrong. However I was also given no chance to rectify my wrong doings and was banned immediately by the admin after i responded to him rudely (which i know was also wrong and I am sorry for that). I was just getting heated because my fellow staff members were being incredibly rude to me and telling me that i don’t know how to do my job and that got to me personally so i started to lash out and I am aware that it was wrong of me to do so and I would like to be able to make amends. I am not appealing for this ban to be lifted right away but I do believe that a week is a little too much for what I did.

Thank you for your consideration.

Looking through your chat logs, all you did all shift was berate people, and when you were talked to about it, you blamed the CMO in the ticket instead of taking responsibility. You also have a ban from Feb about calling someone the n word. If you’re getting this heated over a game, you need to take a break.
This ban was applied correctly, so the appeal is denied.