Alexseetoe Ban appeal

Byond Account: Alexseetoe
Character Name(s): Bell Finkle
Discord Name: duccs#0536
Round ID of ban: 22055

Ban: Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Quartermaster, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security for 3 days - 22055 - Command 1 & 1.1 Took a makarov as the HoS and used it against bloodsuckers. Took a ghost role as soon as they died. Please re-read our rules at Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki specially the command section.

State your appeal: Allow me to give some details regarding what led to this ban. As an HOS I took a makarov out of the Contraband closet, after using it against a vampire (my current laser guns were out of ammo and this makarov saved my life) I got Bwoinked because I hadn’t realized it was against the rules at that time. I put the makarov back in the closet and went back to fight the entirety of medbay (they were thralls) with 3 sec officers; in short, we all died. After I died as HOS, it didn’t look like there was any way I would be revived (I was stripped and looted then left naked in a seldom visited room) I took the role of a golem for xenobiology, after this Zhepyrlion Bwoinked me again asking me why I broke the rules by taking a ghost role, I was and am still confused as I read the rules after the original Bwoink and no where does it say command is not allowed to take a ghost role after they die. This moderator also admitted to watching me the whole round waiting for me to break more rules which is allowed but I find untasteful.

hey this is in the wrong spot you want to put this in the Ban appeal catagory

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ok sorry

Command should not be taking ghost roles when it is possible for their revival to take place, you are free to ahelp asking if the context would make it fine for you to. Regardless, this should have been a note at most, and not a ban, appeal accepted.