AlitasDPollo Ban Appeal

Byond Account: AlitasDPollo
Character Name(s): Pepito Pelotudito
Discord Name (ie: AlitanDPllo#2888):
Round ID of Ban: 20972

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Hello, as you can see yes i tried to do potassium bombs and i shoot a clown with a mindbreaker toxin, and i want to apologize for what i done and was going to do as a non-antag chemist. I started playing this server and others and of all the servers that i played this was for me the best well done, i find it really fun to RP has a Italian Chef. But when i put the chemist work i just mess around trying to troll people, its too much power to me. So yeah i want to apologize with the community of the server and the staff for what i done, griefing is a really serious thing but i want to be part of this community and nice server. Have a good day!

You’re given another chance but do know that any serious rule breaking will go straight to perma.

More Italian Chef and less griefing others please.