Alphanerdd's Mentor App

Byond Account: Alphanerdd

Character Names:
Normal Name: Josh Hawkins
Cyborg Name: B.E.N.D.E.R.
AI Name: HAL 4500
Mime Name: Translucency
Clown Name: The Bass Pro Pharaoh

Discord Name: Alphanerdd[Josh Hawkins/HAL4500]

Age: 18

Timezone: EST

Active hours: My schedule can be pretty erratic, but I can usually be in game after 4:00-ish at least 3-4 days a week. I can be on the discord server almost whenever through mobile though.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I’ve played on fulp since November of 2019 (I think), and in total have accumulated about 380-ish hours.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I have experience in every department, and know how to perform all jobs to some extent.

I have played every head of staff, and have them all unlocked. I try to avoid playing them frequently, as I often find them exhausting, but I know what is required of each command role. My most played command roles are HOP, CMO, and Captain, while my least played is RD. I personally like to run my departments with a more hands of approach. I ensure what needs to get done is getting done, and assign people to those tasks if necessary. From then i usually the staff do their job, only stepping in when necessary. However, when playing roles such as Captain and HOS, I find myself taking a more proactive approach. As captain, I do the essentials, secure disc etc, then spend my time corresponding with and coordinating the department, as well as perusing the station objective. As HOP, I don’t give out access without a sufficient reason, and any sensitive jobs, such as security or virology, I ask the department head for permission. I also never give myself AA, as to do so would violate my honor as HOP.

Everyone’s favorite department. I’ve played deputies, officers, detectives, wardens, and HOSs a good amount, and have always prioritized avoiding the title of “shitsec.” Whenever I’m an officer, i always try to exhibit some leniency towards would be lawbreakers. I. e., I’m not going to arrest a roboticist for hacking a vendor to get techpriest robes, even though it is technically vandalism. When an arrest is warranted, I will usually attempt to talk with the suspect before hand. While this usually results in a stunprod to the face, i like to do it out of principal. When brigging someone, i make sure to first search them thoroughly, always remember to check pockets and boots. I then will uncuff, flash, and leave the cell. No one likes being left cuffed to a bed. I then set a timer according to their crimes under space law. I will often shave a minute or two off, depending on the nature of the crime, and their intentions. Assuming a traitor or other enemy of corp is caught, i will make seeking out HOS, Captain, or Warden my #1 priority. I personally believe following these procedures is the most important part of being in security. Too often prisoners get dragged into a cell, harmbatoned, and then left to rot with no timer. When I’m in a position of authority, such as Warden or HOS, I spend a lot of my time making sure all the officers actually follow these guidelines, which is exhausting to say the least. As warden, i follow the “stay in brig” code of conduct, and if I have to leave, I will inform HOS of my absence. As HOS, i spend a lot of my time managing sec officers, and when I’m not stopping unauthorized executions, i will be corresponding with command staff and responding to threats to the station.

In the past I did not play much of this department, and had atmos tech set to never because it scared me. Now, however, I took a deep dive into the department, and I understand it far more than I did before. As station engineer, I know how to build machines and computers, as well as constructing walls, grills, glass, etc. I also know how to hack doors and other objects around the station. Wiring is probably my weakest area, as i will often struggle connecting APCs and PACMAN generators, but my understanding is functioning enough to perform basic repairs and set up solars. Atmos, however, i really studied up on. I can now say i understand atmospherics, at least in theory. I am very competent when it comes to the SM, making improvements to the filtration loop, and even experimenting with custom gas mixes. 50% CO2 40% N2 and 10% O2 is a personal favorite setup. I also can usually determine the sources of delamintations, and stop them before the crystal goes critical. I can consistently set up turbine as atmos tech, and make it produce tritium too. Atmos tech has quickly become one of my favorite jobs, and I have solid understanding of the core principals, such as pipenets and whatnot. Whenever I’m CE, my first priority is getting SM set up. The amount of rounds I’ve seen where no one sets up SM is astounding. If no one volunteers i will do it myself, and if someone steps forward i will supervise to make sure they don’t do anything astronomically dumb. I also prioritize getting solars and turbine set up. Its always the worst when shuttle has to be called because were out of power, so I try to avoid that. As for particle accelerators and singularity/tesla engines, i have little experience actually operating them, i understand how they work.

This is admittedly the department i have the least experience in. I have more or less mastered both genetics and robotics, with roboticist being one of my favorite jobs. I know how to find mutations, save and combine them, as well as using chromosomes and UE/UIs. As roboticist, i know how to borg people, augment, build mechs, and perform maintenence such as cyborg resets and upgrades. I have messed with nanites in the past, and understand how they work, as well as how to make a generic set of beneficial nanites. I understand xenobiology, and know how it works, but I personally find waiting around for slimes to be boring, so don’t often play it. Toxins is my least played science job, but I can make the basic bombs as described on the wiki, and applying my atmos knowledge, I can avoid plasma flooding the department.

Probably my most played department, since it was the one I first attempted to learn after evolving past assistant. I’m pretty much proficient in all things medicine. If a body has a soul, I can bring it back. I know what medicines treat what damage type. I have surgeries such as tend bruises/burn, organ manipulation, and amputation/prosthetic replacement memorized. I am also adept at chemistry, knowing many recipes by heart, and being able to quickly produce complicated chems. I know how to do virology as well, though I don’t play it very often as I find the random nature of it somewhat infuriating. I somehow can never get the symptoms I need, but I know how to get them. As CMO, I always announce suit sensors, set up the cryo tubes, check on the viro, then assist in medical however I can, as well as serving as an emergency medic for security and command.

I’m counting this as a department. I don’t often play janitor, but I know how. It isn’t exactly the most complicated job on the station. Bartender is one of my personal favorite jobs, seeing as it is just chemistry, but only kind of make poison. Cook is also fun, and pushing the boundaries of what can be considered food is a passion of mine (within reason). I play clown occasionally, but I am firmly a mime enjoyer. So much so that my character has the mime fan trait. I know how to make holy water and fight cult as chaplain. I also know how to use the codex gygax as a curator to fight demons, assuming this were ever to happen. Through curator I also learned the ins and outs of space exploration, mainly what to avoid. Psychologist and Lawyer don’t really have any mechanics tied to them, but I have played more than a few rounds as both. I am also fairly competent with botany, knowing how to grow and mutate plants, as well as bee keeping and managing stats. To be honest, I’ll often play prisoner just to get a more chill botany experience.

The best department. I’ve played a lot of cargo tech, shaft miner, and QM. While playing as cargo tech, I fiend for those bounties. I also man the front desk, stamp papers, haul crates, and sort trash. You know, the usual cargo stuff. I fully understand how to play miner, and I know the ins and outs of it. However, I’m pretty bad at it. I’ll usually “lag” into a chasm or something. When that doesn’t happen, I’ll do the usual mining, exploring, and hunting. As QM, most of my efforts go towards motivating the cargo techs. I’ve found the “Pizza Party” plan very affective. I’ll also go for station objective, but only after the budget has been stabilized.

I’ve played every kind of cyborg extensively, but I may be the only service borg main. I usually just use it to play better bartender. Aside from service Borg, I usually play medical or security Borg. I have been playing a lot of AI recently. When I’m not opening doors ad nausuem, I will attempt to follow my laws to the best of my ability. Newscaster best lawset dont @ me.

Not a department but ehh, whatever. I’ve played multiple rounds as every antag except for wizard, including heretic, infiltrator, and gangs. I know the ins and outs of each antag, and I browsed the wizard wiki page multiple times, and have a good grasp of what the role can do. I’ve played about half of the mid round antags (Xenos, Ninja, Refugees/Hunters), and any of the ones I haven’t been fortunate enough to play I’ve read up on on the wiki.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?:
Aside from the rampant Mime discrimination, I’ve noticed, like many others on the server, the influx of new players. A lot of these new players don’t really know how to play the game, and will often just resort to general greytiding. I remember one time as a sec officer I arrested someone for randomly attacking people in medical. When I asked them why, they said they were new and didn’t know what to do. However, not all new players are like this. Once as CE, an engi borg asked me to show them how to set up the SM. I showed them the ropes, and explained a little bit about how the SM works. Afterwards, they said that I was the first person to help them, and that everyone else more or less ignored them. I’m not at all saying that this server doesn’t have people willing to help. After all, if I weren’t for this community and their beginner friendly attitude, I probably wouldn’t even be playing this game anymore. To summarize, it with the “tide” of new players, it is more important than ever that we help new players learn the game. After all, with every new player is a chance to get a new and active community member.

Thank you for considering my application, and I hope it wasn’t too ramble-y. I had been on the fence about applying for mentor, and figured I’d shoot my shot. Hope to hear back soon!

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As of 11-OCT-2020, we are temporarily not accepting mentor applications from the GMT -5 through GMT -8 time zones (the time zones in the contiguous United States). This is part of an effort to balance mentors and staff so that they are more evenly distributed during the day. Apps made during this time will be reviewed once the hiatus is lifted. If you have any questions, please ping an admin on the Discord

^In the mentor template thread.

Yeah I saw that. That post went up about a day after I posted this, and I missed the announcement in the discord cause I’m dumb. Figured I’d still leave this up for when the hiatus is lifted.

If it weren’t for that I’d give you a +1. You clearly know your stuff.

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We’re re-opening applications for US time zones and will be reviewing this at our next meeting tomorrow. You’ll receive an update either way some time after.

This is all I needed to see. +1

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+nerd, i like service borg mains, also he’s nice as mime and knows how not to be a shit mime

Your app has been accepted. Welcome aboard!