Amadeus Brach destroys xenobiology APC and cuts several wires because we don't give him a red extract

Byond Account: madsenanders

Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris

Discord Name: kk

Round ID: 12263

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Amadeus Brach

Amadeus Brach hacked into xenobiology via maint at about the 36 minute mark in the shift and asked for a red extract. Told him no and agressive grabbed threw him out into maintenance, as I had a right to since he was trespassing and nobody had let him in. He responds by cutting all wires on our door leading to maint, destroying our APC, cutting several wires and deconstructing the walls/windows in xenobiology maint, making xenobiology unusable due to no power. He was not an antag. Xenobiology APC never got repaired, we just got fucked over due to this


taken care of, thank you very much for the report.