Antag ban appeal: AmiTech

Byond Account: AmiTech
Character Name(s): Clark Green
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): AmiTech#2794
Round ID of Ban: 15148

Ban Message : Suicided roundstart as bartender,you’ve been warned several times already about antag rolling and completely ignored my ticket

State your appeal: Some time passed from my first appeal, in which admins didn’t believe my story. I will repeat it again just for the protocol:

I got bartender at roundstart, and after remembering that nobody actually uses the bar, i went to arrivals in search of my favourite passtime, called The Orion Trail, and thats where i spotted the janitor, who appeared to be new. In attempt to impress him , i called him over and walked out of the airlock, to show my kickass space walking skills, after that i headed to airlock a little bit to the north, when, inconviniently the arrivals shuttle almost gibbed me, so i had to dodge it and at that point my character succumbed to his wounds and fell, feeling confident that my soup sensors will guide someone to my location, i went take a dump and eat a slice of cold turkey, leaving my game open

After i got all the things done, a new round started, which is why i probably never saw admin’s DMs.

I really like bloodsucker’s and i solemnly ask admeens to lift the antag ban, i’d really want to play the bad guy again. Won’t do anything bad, pinky promise

Still sticking with this awful lie I see? Denied. Doubling down really isn’t going to make us sympathize and also you were warned before this about suicide appearing as antag rolling. Just play on another server that has bloodsuckers- oh wait, there aren’t any :joy: