Appeal Permaban/Sexual

Byond Account: Tommyxttv
Character Name(s): Tommy Andersson
Discord Name: Mr_T#1313
Round ID of Ban: 18263

Ban Message :bad

State your appeal: I have only been playing this game for a few days, always afraid of getting banned couse im “bad”. I only play on this server couse its legit the only good one. The story is bad and I know I did wrong, but I promise it wont happen again. The Role play took over in that moment, I love the rp but I crossed a line.

But the story is that I spawn as a prisoner for some reason, so lets rp that, I go out and say hi what are you in for, the guy responds with that he beat a guy to death, I was okey we have a base line, so then I tried joking saying that I “raped” my step sister couse she wanted help, Its a ph joke, and I cincerly regret it, Im sorry.

The host/Dr.Pope did a great job at banning me, i deserve it, i truly do. but still here I am trying to get back in to keep playing, this truly made me feel the love for this game and server even more. you dont know what you have until you lose it as they say. and now I have lost it, and its either uninstall or try to get unbanned.

Im not a bad guy, I dont troll, I dont greif, I usually just try to do my job at the station as good as I can, but this round the rp got the better of me. I am sorry

Okay, enough with the self-pitying histrionics. They’re not going to help you here in the least. Our community is “good” because we don’t tolerate this behavior at all. The message you first see when you log in to our server is your first warning about this. If you were afraid of getting banned because you were “bad”, maybe you should have bothered to read the rules or keep yourself in check. If the RP just overtook you so powerfully (what the hell does this even mean, by the way) that you needed to talk about raping your sister, you are bad. This is gross. This is an all-ages server, and you felt the need to say this anyway. We don’t want you here.

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