Ash walkers actively seek out the mining station, enter univited and kills people on it

Byond Account: TheVillageStoneMason
Character Name(s): Tuyi
Discord Name: BigManMason
Round ID: 13018
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Tumma-Weewish, Sanax-Tasha, Sa-Ra (other ashies)

What happened: At about 40 minutes, Jack Jefferson jumps through a teleporter to the mining base, to escape the plasmafloods. This teleporter was opened by ash walkers, making me think that they stole it from the station.

Three ash walkers were already on the mining base and killed Jack for no reason. Ash walkers are allowed to kill people for their tendril but this time, they actively sought out the station and killed anyone on it, which is breaking the rules. After killing the psych, they stole his gear and one even went up to the station.

  • 6.1. Lavaland spawners who enter the station must be peaceful and are held to stricter standards for escalation and roleplay than when on Lavaland. Spawners may not use meta knowledge to seek out the Lavaland mining base and may only enter if invited by crew members. Spawners who are hostile/ willingly impede the station are subject to a ghost role ban.

The rule is unclear since there are two conflicting rules. Rule 6.1 should apply because ashwalkers are lavaland spawners but also the rules for acceptable killing state that ashwalkers are allowed to kill any non-ashwalker. Ashwalkers are meant to be hostile and kill everyone they can for the tendril so I think they didn’t do anything against the rules.

That’s true but they should not actively seek out the mining base to do that, as the rules imply.

Isn’t that their whole goal though roleplay wise? they hate the miners. plus, you can’t prove intent.

Whilst it’s true that ash walkers can kill miners to sacrifice them, they are not allowed on the mining base to do so, as the rules state.

Even so, the ash walkers made absolutely zero efforts to bring the body back to the tendril, meaning they just RDMed, not having the excuse that “it’s for the tendril”.

Their intent was to kill and that’s it.

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The base was of such proximity to the necropolis tendril that it was hardly ‘actively seeking it out’. Not only was there a clear path to the mining base, but a miner showed up at the tendril within the first 8 minutes of the round.

I’ve always wondered about this as when you spawn as an ashwalker it does mention something near the end of the introductory paragraph ~about not seeking out unnecessary destruction. Had a round two days ago where they rushed the base and walled the entrances off.

I could just repost the same image to prove my point but there’s no point arguing this.

@username23432432 @Greniza You guys should really look over the previous ash-walker ban appeals or grief patrols to see what is going on. It’s not the first time someone got into an issue by RDMing miners in the mining station, let alone in the station itself.

Regarding @username23432432’s post, read the rules about ashwalkers. Contrast both things instead of posting one part, ignoring the other one.

Both of these rules can coexist. Ashwalkers are allowed to kill any non-ashwalker, but they aren’t allowed to enter the mining base or the station to do so. Now, if miners are abusing this, ahelping can bypass this rule, but otherwise they are not allowed to assault the mining base.

a miner attacked ashwalker base so 3 of ashwalkers raided mining base i saw them bring corpses back so i dont think they did it just to rdm

“Ashwalkers are allowed to kill any non-ashwalker, but they aren’t allowed to enter the mining base or the station to do so.”

Even if it was the case that they took Jack’s body back, which they didn’t, this is still breaking the rules. The logs will show it all at the end of the day.

Ashwalkers are not allowed to go to the mining station to kill, if they wan’t to they can ahelp and maybe be allowed to. Thanks for the report