Ashlynn Hynes Syndicate Ship Captain - Murdered Crewmember Without Cause?

Byond Account: Shootmister
Character Name(s): Christopher Sauter
Discord Name: Fried-Trader-Tots/Uh Oh Boopy (Xenon Dragon#3113)
Round ID: 12741
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Unknown
Players Name In Game At Time: Ashlynn Hynes

What happened: I was Christopher Sauter in the Syndi Ship spawner roll. Part way through the shift, I spotted a miner in Space just outside of our station looking like he was looking at getting in.
I yelled Intruder in local chat, our Syndi Captain Ashlynn Hynes was a couple of spaces away when I did.
I went out and critted the miner and dragged him back aboard, I was trying to maintain a level of hardcrit on the miner so the Captain could decide weather or not they wanted them alive or not.
I didn’t crit them enough and they started rolling around and got back up. We were doing some ring around the table as I was trying to smack them back down into hardcrit.
The captain Ashlynn Hynes comes in and starts shooting towards us. She seems to be landing more than a few shots on me, but I just figured that was just her not being smart about shooting when there’s a melee scuffle going on.
The miner finally goes backdown and I am 3 or 4 tiles away at this point to try avoiding her unwanted gun fire what I thought was towards the miner. She then immediately started unloading on me and brought me down fairly quick before I could really say anything towards her. As soon as I die there, she says Intruder eliminated and begins helping the miner in the medbay and trying to recruit them.

I can understand things getting confusing at times but I was clearly wearing the Syndi-Gear we had, had my ID on, have been talking to her on and off throughout the shift so I feel given the time she had before, during and after the scuffle she should have obviously known she blatantly killed a Crew Member for no reason. She was the real syndi captain from all that I could tell and I didn’t see her doing any nefarious deeds later while ghosting. But never acknowledging she iced me.

I a-helped it during the round and didn’t see or hear anything regarding it afterwards.

If it was a mistake, fine we all make those but this was just so overly blatant that it’s hard for me to give the benefit of the doubt. After the round ended and I asked if she knew that she killed an obvious crewmember of hers in OOC, I never got a response (Probably didn’t see it)

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Dealt with it. Thanks for the report.

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