#Ask-Mods ban appeal :/

Byond Account:exymian
Character Name(s): Mehmed Miller
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Exymian#9483
Round ID of Ban: X

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): X
State your appeal:

-Someone asked the antag priority (solo & team) and a moderator gave an answer to the question but said they didn’t like the process. I told the moderator what other server was doing as a recommendation for the good of the server (which is now implemented) but that got me banned for answering a question.

-Now i believe i did not answer any questions and thats why im appealing. It needed to be said in ask mods channel so you guys mods can see it and its a question in some sort of way (what do you guys think about this solution).

-I have muted both ask mentor and mod chat but i dont think i deserve the ban, i left it for couple of days but it started to bother me.


You were using the incorrect channel. Another server’s policy in #ask-mods is just confusing and irrelevant info, so you did deserve this ban. That is what the #policy-discussion channel is for. #ask-mods should be strictly reserved for question and answer.

Anyway, I’ll lift the ban but please consider more carefully next time which channel you use.