AssBlastoMan's Ban appeal

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State your appeal: The ahelp was a joke… I didn’t demand antag. I don’t think I was particularly rude in it, but I do admit it was pointless. The thing you bwoinked me over earlier was nonsense though, and I hate getting bwoinked over nothing, especially when the admin didn’t even look into it at all prior to giving me a heart attack. All I get is a “my bad,” not even a real apology. I have basically 0 notes related to my sec play on my account but whenever I get bwoinked as a sec it always seems like the worst is assumed. This has happened more than once where an admin seemingly doesn’t even look at the situation before bwoinking a player. You just took the word of some idiot who was afaik/iirc trespassing. And it wasn’t even serious, I used my disabler on a guy with no id when we had hostile threats in brig, after I realized he wasn’t doing anything wrong I let him go. He wasn’t even cuffed, the whole thing took up maybe 20 seconds of his play time. Really doesn’t seem like OOC intervention is necessary in the first place.

I think a 24 hour ban for an ahelp that was ultimately harmless, and the banning admin didn’t even respond to initially (another admin basically told me to piss off and that worked for me), is a bit much. A note would’ve been much more reasonable… or really just talkin to me. I’m mostly reasonable and understanding in ahelps, I don’t swear at or mistreat admins or mash f1 every little time something happens to me. There was like 3 admins on, I donno why you got on to ban me, again you could’ve just given me a talk. Meanwhile, did anything happen to the shitter ahelping me for just doing my job? AFAIK it was code red and we had a wizard lockering half the crew, I donno why me using my disabler in the hallways is worth mentioning.

The ban is correct and it will stay.

Ahelps are not the place to shitpost.