Aubrie Bloise murdering me and people in shuttle

Byond Account: Quando

Character Name(s): Zhutroy Fanta

Discord Name:

Round ID: 11901

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Aubrie Bloise

What happened:

Aubrie Bloise (as Adrian Taylor) came up on the lavaland shuttle and immediately killed me with their KA, they then went to botany and got into a fight, which she lost. After she was fixed up in med she got onto the evac shuttle and killed a 2 sec officer and other people with a baseball bat. End of round report shows she was not a traitor.

hello, sorry for the late reply. unfortunately the server logs for that round are broken so we can’t investigate what happened. just be sure to report any more behavior like that on their part and we’ll take care of it then. thank you!