Bad captain round removes me for no raisin

Byond Account: JellyBelly DingleBerry
Character Name(s): Ellis Witner
Discord Name: DingleBerry
Round ID: 24593
Date: 18.02.23
Griefer IC name: Pelican Tom
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Pelican Tom(captain) came to robotics lab where I was working and started shooting me with a energy gun with no warning. After killing me he claimed I was ling and took me to chapel to cremate me. For context I have to include that I was a traitor but I had done no traitor activity yet and I believe the only evidence he had of me being a ling was that he or sec saw a ling with my identity. Either way I think this was an excessive and improper reaction that lead to me being removed from the round. Later in the round he started shooting at an engineer with a flame thrower not realizing that the engineer wasnt an infiltrator but a crewmember with a replica suit and an arreist baloon, this was after that same engineer extinguished the fire Tom set himself in.

this was handled, thanks for the report!