Bad Hos letting person die in cell

Byond Account: MonkeWithTheGun
Character Name(s): Bossk Jill
Discord Name: TheApe#5356
Round ID: 16719
Griefer IC name: Ricky Bamboozle
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
So I was an engineer, I just walked around the station, found myself at sec. I saw a person in a cell who was super injured and in crit. I saw warden just standing outside the cell not caring while the person was gasping for air. I took it upon myself to destroy the window to take the person in the cell to medbay and I got arrested (i understand why) but when I explained why I broke the person out I got no response.
Then hos took me (Ricky Bamboozle) and because there were no available cells, he slammed me against a glass table which gave me a fracture in my head. And when I said that I just tried to rescue the person dying he said that he didn’t care about the person in the cell

I would also like to add he never locked me in a cell either, he put me in a chair and karate chopped me in the throat

This player has been permabanned for an incident unrelated to this report, but I’ll make a note of it. Thanks for the report!