Badman Aaron Sin keeps assaulting me in front of security officer that does nothing

Byond account: Nonbisco
Character name: Richard Williams
Round ID: (check final paragraph)
Discord name:Nonbisco, Pope of Beans#9372
Griefer Name: Aaron Sin and perhaps Tye Agg

I was chef, minding my own buisness, making food, and this guy Aaron started randomly throwing bottles at me, we get in a few scuffles, I tell sec, sec does nothing, Aaron assaults me twice in front of a security officer, Tye Agg, who does nothing, instead flashes a chicken.

Later Tye was given hulk and broke the kitchen counter, and i was given hulk as well.

eventually he was arrested but I believe he was graytiding and overall was very rude.

Idk if this is enough to Aaron or Tye a warning but this was a very nasty experience and not fun at all

I’ve just realised I’m a bit of an idiot and I forgot to check the round ID, so I did a little searching on the discord channel and the ID should be 11899 but I’m not 100% sure. Smolbrain moment

Added grief patrol category :+1:

oh sorry i forgot to add that, my bad

I saw this player (Aaron Sin) hulktide several times during this shift.

will be resolving this shortly, sorry for the wait.

resolved now, thank you for the report!