Ban about building a cyborg console

Byond Account: SilverWolves
Character Name(s): Potted Plant
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): SilverWolves#6367
Round ID of Ban: 26338

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): upload://ku66ETSqWQi5ZC0cgK0S540Kigo.png
State your appeal: I think the situation was escalated further the necessary the general premise I was unsure of what the mod was saying in terms of the upload console being not allowed to be built as nothing says I couldnt ontop of the fact that I didnt use it, its not a server rule its a space law which means I would be prosecuted in game if something that i did with it caused a issue then yes i believe a server ban would have made more sense, last is that he didnt give me any warning or tell me to stop, a staff should be very much aware of the fact that a simple no, or stop arguing can end just about any conversation/discussion do to the power it holds when a staff member says it. I do also believe banning someone in the middle of the round over something that hasnt effected literally anyone and was only being discussed to have a better understanding was a bit harsh, i also dont believe i was wasting the admins time as they were free enough to i asssume fly around as ghost or something and see that i had a cyborg console, (or maybe someone reported it? which seems really odd why you would report someone for that

Were you an antag?

No but simply building a cyborg upload console as a roboticist inside of research department should be that extreme of a issue, I didnt even commit any crimes in space law either, ontop of the fact that it doesnt state anywhere in server rules that i cant, i dont think a ban over something that isnt stated anywhere is really fair…

same time though not my place to say what isnt and isnt fair so let me correct myself it doesnt feel fair

and if you read the rounds logs with my conversation with him my intention was to give it a very basic law ad on so that crew could tell it what to do, (which never happened) which was roughly this i dont remember exactly what i said but it was along these lines You must follow order given to you by the crew in accordance to there rank and department, Never let someone into a area they do not have access to normally.

Also I do say that i may have been a bit defensive/offensive but he really felt aggressive while explaining the thing with the console

Then it’s powergaming. The ban is valid and is staying. This is denied. Please read our rules before your ban expires in a few days.