Ban Appeal 6 Months I think?

Byond Account: Goku75757
Character Name(s): John Man
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): KahootMaster#1109
Round ID of Ban: 22701

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - 8408322046985e78a85daa31ffbd2fc6 - Gyazo
State your appeal: Hey so I’m actually not too sure how much time it’s been since I was banned but it feels like a long time so I thought I’d try appealing again and I do apologize if it hasn’t been enough time. I’ve since read all the rules multiple times just to make sure I remember everything I can and cannot do and I will not do any of said things again. Beforehand when I played I did like to do my job but I admit I also liked to cause a bit of chaos and fuck with others even as a non antag. Being banned for so long though made me realize it’s definitely not worth it to do that kind of thing unless permitted because for the past several months I’ve wanted to play space station and then realized I haven’t been able to play. I’d play on another station but frankly nowhere else is as fun as fulp to me.
I can assure you I’ve learned my lesson about griefing, messing with others, and inappropriate jokes and all I wanna do is get back to doing one of my jobs on the station weather its genetics or chemist which are the two I would normally do.

I very much hope my appeal will be considered but even if not thank you guys for your time and for running a great server.

It’s been 4.

It has not been 6 months, see you in 2 more!