Ban Appeal: Aleixar Castel|Garox364

**Byond Account:** Garox364
**Character Name(s):** Aleixar Castel (but disguised as Grayson Blaine)
**Discord Name:** Garox le Chat Russe #4277
**Round ID of Ban:** 11950
**Ban Message:** ![](
**State your appeal:** 

*Before i start writing this i just want to make a few disclamers: *
*-English is not my primary langage, i can understand it and speak it but i still make big mistakes sometimes (for example saying the opposite of what i’m trying to say) so if something is unclear, tell me and i will explain it again. *
-I’ve played a few hours that day before getting banned for an event i considered unimportant and that lasted less than a minute, so i had some difficulties to remember every details which mean that i can say small incorrect things.

Anyway, before i start explaining everything, i just want to copy/paste the grief report that was made on me so you can have both point of view:

"Guy that killed me: Aleixar Castel (Ended like Grayson Blaine).

I was on the shuttle when he puts me in a body bag and grabs it, and throws me into space. I don’t bother since I thought it was a ling with the aim of killing me, but when I saw its objectives it had no relation with me." [link]

Now from my point of view:
During that round my objectives were:

  1. Steal the captain’s jetpack. [Failed]
  2. Prevent the bartender Grayson Blaine from escaping alive. [Success]
  3. Evacuate as Grayson Blaine while wearing his ID. [Success]

Even if those objectives were solo, most of the lings during that round were teaming up and since the sec was really efficient, they decided to do their most simple objectives first (like stealing something, uploading the R&D infos on a disk etc…) then lay low and wait for the shuttle to come and kill all their targets there at once.
I’ve done the exact opposite by killing the bartender first, then trying to steal the jetpack with the help of a ling who destroyed some walls of the bridge, but due to a lack of time i failed.

Now you have the context, the reason why i insist about it is that it is important to know that to understand why i threw a man out of the shuttle.

Now to the end of the round: I almost missed the shuttle (10-20 seconds), and when I finally got into it, it was a real mess because according to the plan, all the lings were killing their targets. Then a bomb (i think it was a fire bomb because the shuttle was intact) exploded at the bottom of the shuttle and a group of people were accusing a man of being a ling and i think one of them decided to use the bluespace bodybag to throw him out of the shuttle. Since most of the lings were helping eachother during that round, i decided to help that one without revealing that I myself was a ling by taking one of the guys around his body into the bluespace body bag and throwing him out of the shuttle. That way it would mean that the humans couldn’t use the bodybag against my fellow ling, and also prevent at least one person from attacking him.

Here’s the story. I think banning me seven days for helping another ling is a bit harsh. I know that the ban is longer than usual because i already got banned for throwing people out of the shuttle a few days ago and i know it may be hard to believe me, but i really learned the lesson since that first ban was due to me misunderstanding one of the rules. This time, i really had a reason to do that, it wasn’t for the troll but simply because i wanted to help another ling.
Thanks for reading me and i hope the logs will help prove i didn’t had bad intentions, if you need me to explain something you didn’t understand, tell me.

That person wasnt an antags objective so denied stop spacing people please.