Ban Appeal: AmiTech

Byond Account: AmiTech
Character Name(s): Clark Green
Discord Name : AmiTech#2974
Round ID of Ban: 14929

Ban Message : Core 2- blatant grief As a non-antag, went into a plasma flooded room and started a fire. After, you ock-icked about the person arresting you for it, threatening to metagrudge him. Feel free to appeal on the forum.

State your appeal: I probably went overhead with creating a spark in medbay lobby, in my head the thought of a someone walking into a plasma filled room with a lit cigarrete in their mouth seemed pretty funny, should’ve realised people might’ve died. Luckily, it was extinguished fast enough (altough later in the round someone still ignited it and i saw at least 3 people burn, but thats not related to my situation). As for arrest i didn’t threaten to metagrudge John, i was salty about the arrest (which was justified) and said “No wonder people metagrudge you”, but i don’t hold a grudge against him (or ever held). I apologize for the bad move from my side, i don’t think a normal chemist would do such a thing. The admin who gave me the ban had the reasons to suspect me as griefer.

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Strangely i can’t edit the appeal, but i saw the post about me in grief patrol

I stayed in the shift until the shuttle arrived, and i didn’t receive an ahelp from the admin (i think there was someone online), nor was i confronted by anyone else but John.

I have reduced the ban length to 3 days from the original ban. However, take this as a serious warning about rule following. You already have a perma antag ban and continuing to break rules, even as a joke or out of frustration is going to be taken with a lot of weight. Please try your absolute best to follow the rules from now on.