Ban appeal - appearance permanently

Byond Account: Malaverd
Character Name(s): Delirious Dave
Discord Name: JUKEMASTER44#6284
Round ID of Ban: 23442

Ban Message: Banned from Roles: Appearance permanently - Core 1- MRP standards Continues to refuse to pick an RP appropriate name despite 3 previous warnings to do so. Appeal on the name with a new IC name. Round 23442
State your appeal: I have had time to learn how to name each character based on their species. I think I can make appropriate names now.

What name are you planning on using?

It would depend on the species. For humans likely going to go for something like John Michigan or something. For ethreals I will find an appropriate star name. I think those were the only problematic ones.

Is this okay?

That works- appeal accepted. You should be able to customize your character starting next round.