Ban Appeal - ASadCommie f

Byond Account:ASadCommie
Character Name:Martini Laquini
Discord Name:ASadCommie
Round ID of Ban:10667
Ban Message:Grief another botanist pushed you then during the fight only punched you twice you then punched them over 20 times major over esulation
Appeal: Well, the person DID attack me first, not just a push, but a straight up punch, then followed up by pushing me to try to stun me on the ground. I fought back into crit, brought to medbay, went back to work. They came back, I ignored them, we both did our job. Not sure why this is worthy of a ban, especially for 3 days.

Adding in, the rules state
In most cases, fights end when one party enters critical condition or is otherwise incapacitated.
. If the other party during an altercation dies or is seriously injured, work to get them healed or revived.

I followed both of these, putting the person in crit to stop them from attacking me further, and then bringing them to get healed. afterwards, I did not antag or otherwise bother them

The overescalation here was responding to one punch with crit. Basically killing someone over a single punch violates the “doing more damage to someone than is required” in escalation 3. It is a ban because you have a history of overescalation in particular, and you really don’t do any better in this situation either. Critting someone is fine in certain situations, but not after a single punch.

Appeal denied, however I will edit the ban note to reflect that you were punched rather than pushed.