Ban Appeal - Aysnorelax

Byond Account: Aysnorelax
Character Name(s): Pauly Mortadelo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): aysnorelax#9656
Round ID of Ban: 20106

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Defended myself with a combustible lemon after a grey tiding clown threw one at me. Don’t know why the mod did not follow up as well after I explained my reasoning, me and my sous chef had been dealing with a grey tiding clown that origionally started smashing bottany windows by chasing him off and yelling at him. The logs will show that he was the one initially antagonistic with us throwing shards of glass and guitar bashes. With all this animosity built up it does not make much sense why it is out of the question and bannable for me to return a combustiable lemon at the guy who threw one at me, destroying the kitchen and all the food we had spent the whole shift making. What bothers me the most is how the mod that banned me did not follow up at all after my initial explanation, instead all they did was ask me questions like “What are you making” after I went to cargo to ask for to use autolathe for sticky tape.

Can I get a second opinion on this because I do try and put genuine effort into good and productive rp every round and I don’t know why a response like this is warranted when faced with destruction of your department.

It’s hard to follow up on something when the answer to the question of: “Hey why are you blowing people up??” after you threw 2 combustible lemons in the hallway was:
“greytiding clown threw combustable lemon at kitchen”.

This isn’t a reason to grief the hallway, even if it might now have been your intent, and get bystander killed by the lack of pressure.

The mess of people being husked in the kitchen, people complaining about chefs powergaming and murdering people with sec gear, spears and you trying to make tackling gloves didn’t help either.

If the defending party doesn’t give us good info for their own defense we will need to look elsewhere for it and might miss details.