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I would like to appeal the “Lying in Ahelps” part of my ban because I feel like it was wrong and I had no intention of lying. What happened was I came to chem asking for drugs as a clown, they told me “Fuck off druggie” (or something like that) and i threw a potted plant at their window in hopes of breaking it to piss them off.

What happened was they opened the window, got hit with the pot twice, then took the pot and came out to beat me up where they hit me 4 or 5 times and i tried to run without retaliating, then they returned and i started throwing the pot at the window again until it broke, and also threw it at them 3-4 times.

After that they said “I’m going to kill you” and they grabbed the pot, went ouside, and started chasing me down to kill me so I hid inside a locker which they opened up and tried to kill me, but i grabbed another potted plant and beat them three (I think) times with it and they died. I would’ve definitely died if I didn’t suture myself, since they beat me the first time until i had to use an entire suture pack just to fix the injuries.

So I took them to medbay saying i accidentally killed them and got messaged by an admin where they asked “Why did you kill them” or something along those lines, I explain exactly what happened in the order it happened and was told “You are lying” (in a really aggressive sounding way i can’t fully remember since i have no logs), so I kind of knew I was going to get banned after that.

What I didn’t expect… was them to actually ban me for lying when I knew I overstepped as a clown, but I had no intention of lying especially considering I knew they could see the logs.

Ok so i’ve been going over the logs with this and i for sure see some interesting things you beat the guy to -57

After the second guy came up you and hit you for killing the first one you were still almost all the way at full health
Then this was the last attacked before you started healing yourself

Its very hard for me to see this and say it was justified killing them or that you were in any real danger since you did enough to crit them and then just kept going you never at any one point during that interaction dropped below 71 health.