Ban appeal: Belle Felphine titles

  • Byond Account: Belle Felphine
  • Character Name(s): John Sigma
  • Discord Name:Chess_Pinkman
  • Round ID of Ban: 12778
  • Ban Message:Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer for 3 days - Round 12778 - Command 1.1 competence, as the captain after you were killed during a nukie round you became a syndicate assault borg…the entire station is trying to protect you!.
    *Appeal: I was killed by a nukie and got dragged into their ship and hidden, in that situation i never thought i would ever be revived or get my corpse on the station again and they had the disk already, after that a request for being a syindi borg came in and i accepted because i wanted to have some fun before the round ended.
    As of the rule “Command roles are designed to lead and manage departments first and do second.They are not intended to become do-it-all members of their departments”. And that rule doesn’t make sense for a ban job for becoming another entity.

While you really shouldn’t go DNR as command, there aren’t any explicit rules against this. Your appeal has been accepted, and you should be able to play command roles again.

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