Ban appeal: Belle Felphine

  • Byond Account: Belle Felphine
  • Character Name(s): Phoebe Luppi
  • Discord Name:Chess_Pinkman
  • Round ID of Ban:12201
  • Ban Message:
  • State your appeal: As the ban message says i was apparently banned for self antag, but in that round i really was one, the motive i killed the deputy was that he crit"d me for pushing people in the HOP line, i really don’t think that’s a good escalation for a sec who has a stun baton, and the deputy quitted the moment he died and he could be revived if he hadn’t do that.

The ban reason should be antag 1.1, not core 2, so I’ve made that adjustment. However, looking through the logs, you went back to beating continue beating him (although he was already dead) and did about 500 damage to his corpse, only taking breaks to beat other random non-targets to crit with your toolbox in medbay. If it weren’t for this being your 4th note on over-escalation this week, I’d be inclined to change this to an antag ban, but it looks like understanding what is okay as an antag isn’t really the issue here. Denying this appeal; come back in a couple days.

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