Ban appeal bicyclesex

Byond Account: BicycleSex
Character Name(s): Taruiq Nasheed Hijari Saleh Indiva
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): (N/A, i never went on the discord server)
Round ID of Ban: 20864
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal:

Let me start off by saying this, I fully acknowledge that I broke a serious rule and I never intend to repeat that again. This ban was out of nowhere and I was extremely surprised, as I never really broke any serious rule in the time I was recently playing. Mind you, this is a new account that was in no way intended as another account to use in ban evading and I joined the server thinking I was still banned, but I actually got in and I seriously tried to fit in. In the time I was playing tried my hardest to follow the rules and actually rp.
I remember myself being an absolute dick head and griefed at any chance I got(on my daddy doge account), but I seriously learned the hard way on how its a horrible decision. I acted in an extremely ignorant way just so I could be confident in my abilities to play and it was a horrendous way of doing as I thought I could get away with it. I really dont know how long daddy doge has been on the black list for and I honestly forgot about it, as I only wish to put that me in the past and change my behavior for the good. Fulp is a great server to experience and it leaves me with regret knowing how much fun I missed out because of my past actions

(I don’t touch appeals I’m just adding that the round ID is 15760, 20864 is the banID)

Oh I apologize, I must’ve misread it

No worries the round id was missing from the original ban message then I put it in a few mins after

Do you still have access to your daddy doge account? I’m willing to take the ban off of one of these accounts, and I’d rather use the older one/ not the one with sex in the ckey.

of course, its my more notorious account


Against my better judgement, I’ve unbanned daddy doge. Please know that this is your last chance on the server, and your account has been given a watchlist to perma ban you the first time a staff member needs to remind you of the rules.

Just realized I messed something up with the ban and you weren’t actually unbanned. This should, however, be resolved now. Please let an admin know if you’re still not able to get on